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        Seth Meyers: House Judiciary mittee Holds Impeachment Hearing as GOP Lies About Everything

        52Dr Lizardo
        13 minutes ago
        According to Czech police, the shooter, identified as Ctirad V., a 42-year-old construction worker from nearby Opava (a few kms away from Ostrava), somehow managed to get his hands on a pistol. He had no firearms license, and as such, ...

        Too Much Fun: Jacob Collier, “Alone With You” (Feat. Daniel Caesar) [VIDEO]

        226Jay C
        3 days, 15 hours ago
        re: #222 Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag) Yes, and we notice what Party they are all from...... Unfortunately, I don't think we'll find out (since this Act, like most House bills this session is doomed to interment in the ...

        Colbert: Rudy’s a Former Prosecutor, He Should Know Better Than to Do Crimes on the Phone [VIDEO]

        157Mike Lamb
        4 days, 11 hours ago
        re: #149 Yeah Sure WhatEVs It's $2,295 for the bike, with no interest financing. I have one, and right now, I'm using it probably 5 times/week on average, with my wife using a few times more. The whole vibe around ...

        Read the Full Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report

        241gocart mozart
        6 days, 9 hours ago
        Because cruelty is the point. We can pay millions of dollars to have @realDonaldTrump grifter family protected but we can’t feed food insecure children. Please defend this administration to me again. Please. https://t.co/gt3OHKrZpt — Amy Aiello Lofgren (@azsweetheart013) December ...